h. Higher Education (Autonomous College)



Autonomous Colleges in India - History, Performance and Future (January, 2000)

The book would make a significant contribution towards the understanding of the concept and effective implementation of College Autonomy. When we look at the research on Autonomous Colleges, we have only a few books and studies published besides the officials reports of the UGC and the Government. However in the University News and News Frontiers in Education, there has been a lot of debate and critical thinking on the subject.


Towards New Pastures – Colleges Autonomy – Three Decades (1978-2008), February, 2008 This book reviews the progress of the movement. The spread of the autonomous college movement has been very slow. The target was set to have 500 autonomous colleges by the National Policy of Education (1986). Even at the start of the Eleventh Five Year Plan, we have reached only half of the target. The reasons for the slow growth of the autonomous colleges are well known, the opposition from teachers' associations, wrong ideas spread about autonomy, the reluctance and the unwillingness on the part of a few state governments and universities to accept and implement the idea.


Change or to be Changed - A Text book on Life Scoping Skills for undergraduate Students (June, 2008 )

One of the urgent needs of the reforms in Higher Education in India today is to make the graduates employable. To make them employable we need to create the proper mind-set and right type of attitudes in them. Holistic development of the personality of the students is very important. Hence we created this book “Change or Be Changed” with 21 chapters divided into three parts.

PART – I Developing Personal Skills

PART – II Developing Coping Mechanism

PART – III Developing Fitness for a Job.

It has been written in a simple language with theory and exercises. I am sure the teacher and students will benefit by this book as a foundation course in an autonomous college.


Beyond Margins – Issues of Xl th Five year Plan (February, 2009)

Beyond Margins “Enlarging the Space and scope of Higher Education in India – by Fr. Xavier Alphonse, S.J.

Higher Education is at the cross roads. It has to respond to the challenges of development of newer skills, internationalization, privatization of higher Education, global competition and also the challenges of Access, Expansion Equality, Excellence and Equity by providing opportunities to the socially, economically and educationally disadvantaged sections of the society. Beyond Margins is one such response. The sole aim of this book is to capture the problems, issues, strategies that are being developed in the XI Five Year Plan.

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