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Exploration, Experience, Empowerment and Employment A Collection of selected Research Articles and features from Journals Magazines and News Papers from 1997 2009 on Community Colleges in India (January, 2010)

The normal process of the germination and the birth of any concept and innovation has its own stages and dynamics; exploration; experimentation; experience and impact. The concept of Community Colleges has also the following watchwords Exploration Experience Empowerment Employment. The Community College movement began in 1995 in South India. It gained momentum and growth in the last 14 years. It has also a bright future in terms of empowering the thousands of disadvantaged and marginalized students. It has spread its wings through the whole of India as well as East Africa, South Africa, Papua New Guinea. While the movement was progressing, the entire dynamics of the movement was recorded and published as books and articles in various National and International Journals, Magazines and Newspapers. The concept and the implementation of the Community College system is becoming the object of research because of its tremendous social impact. This impact has also been recorded and published by ICRDCE, Chennai. As ICRDCE celebrates its 10th Year of its service to the Community College movement it has been decided to choose the most relevant and historically significant articles from the above sources so that the history of the movement could be depicted and sketched through these articles.

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