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Health is Wealth Vol I & II - A Text book on Health Assistant (December, 2007)

The first volume contains two parts that is I) Fundamentals of Nursing, and II) Basic Science.  

Part – I Deals with the Concept of Nursing in Health and Community Services, Organization of Health and Nursing Service, Maintenance of Records and Reports, Maintaining Health Environment, Meeting Hygiene, Comfort Needs, Observation and Examination, Aseptic Practices and procedures, Medications and Therapies, Basic Nursing Care of Patients, First Aid Introduction, Promoting Safety Consciousness, Injuries to Bones and joints, Poisoning, First Aid in Foreign Bodies & Anaphylactic Shock, Asphyxia, First Aid Measures, Emergency Care, Disaster and First Aid, First Aid Procedures: Supplies and Equipment.

Part – II Deals with the Body as an Integrated Whole, Skeletal System and Muscular System, Circular System, Respiratory System, Central Nervous System and Special Senses, Digestive System, Excretory System, The Endocrine Organs, Human Reproduction, Microbiology, Universal Presence of Micro Organisms, Prevention of Infection by the Destruction of Microorganisms, Immunology, Food, Nutrition and Health, Nutritional Disorders, Preparation and Preservation of Food.  

The second volume contains two parts that is I) Maternal and Child Health, II) Community Health.  

Part – I Deals with the Maternal & Child Health Service, The Female Pelvis: The Generative Organs, The Menstrual Cycle: the Ovum: the Placenta, The Fetus, The physiological Changes due to Pregnancy, The signs and Diagnosis of Pregnancy, Prenatal care, Examination of the Pregnant Women, Advice to the Pregnant Women, Abortion, types and treatment, counselling and tubal pregnancy, Disorders due to Pregnancy, Normal Labour, The Management of Normal labour (Cont.), The Management of Normal labour (Second Stage), The third stage of labour, The normal Puerperium, Physiology, Management and Minor Disorders of the Newborn, Obstertic Operation, Child Health, Health of the Mother, Demography and Family Welfare.

Part – II Deals with the Introduction to Community Health, Primary Health Centre, School health Centre, School health services and the mental illness in the community, Health Planning and programme, Health Care Delivery System in India, Supplementary Health Services, Communicable Diseases, Specific Communicable Diseases, Control of Communicable Disease, Immunity and Immunization, Community health nursing Environmental sanitation, Health Education Aspects for Communicable Diseases and Control of Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Environmental Sanitation at Village Level, Sanitary and Health Measures for special situations & Safe Water supply, Health Education, Introduction to A.V. Aids, Audio – Visual Aids, Home Nursing, Community Health Nursing, Nutrition Education and Diet Theraphy.



Child is the Future Vol I & II – A Text book on Early Childhood Care and Education (Jan, 2011)  

Child is the Future – Text Book on Early Childhood Care and Education Vol I & II - (January,2011)

The first volume contains two parts that is I) Child Development, and II) Child Psychology.  

Part – I Deals with Introduction to Child Development, States of Growth and Development, Methods of Studying Children, Basics of Human Development, Child Birth and Period of Neonate, Care during Babyhood, Physical Development from Birth to Early Childhood Years, Mental Development, Language Development from birth to Early Childhood Years, social and emotional Development during Early childhood years, Moral Development from Birth to Early Childhood Years and Children with Special Needs .

Part – II Deals with Introduction to Psychology, Learning, Memory, Motivation, Attention and Interest, Habit formation and concept formation, intelligence, creativity and creative children, Preschool Guidance, Socialization and Behaviour Problems.  

The second volume also contains two parts that is I) Early Childhood Education, II) Nutrition, Health, Hygiene and First Aid.  

Part – I Deals with Introduction to Early Childhood Education and its importance, Development of Early Child Education in India, Contributions towards Early childhood Education, Development and Techniques of Play Way Activities, Curriculum and Programme for Early Childhood Education, Curriculum – Theme Approach, Organization of Early Childhood Education, The Early Childhood Education Programme, Early childhood Education Centre Personnel, Administrative structure of Early childhood Education, Home School Relationship, skill Development and Models of Micro Teachings.

Part – II Deals with the Introduction Food, Basic Knowledge of Importance Nutrients, Vitamins, Minerals and Water, Basic Five Food Groups and Balanced Diet, Principles of Planning Menus for Different Age Groups, Nutritional Problems, Health Hygiene, First Aid and Most Common childhood Emergencies.


Catering Assistant: A Source Book on Catering Assistant for Community Colleges

ICRDCE is happy to present the third book in the work skills series Catering Assistant which is also a one of the popular course in the Community Colleges. The book has the following three chapters:- Chapter - I - Food Production deals with Introduction to Cookery, Culinary History, Hierarchy of Kitchen, Methods of cooking, Milk and milk products, Hygiene and Safety Management, Basic Principles of Food Production, Soups and Stocks, Sauces and Methods of Cooking Meat, Poultry and Fish Chapter - II - Bakery and Confectionary deals with Ingredients, Bakery Equipments and Bakery Terms, Bakery Productions, Sugar, Egg – An Important Raw Material, Bread and Bread Rolls, Pastry Production, Biscuits, Candy Icing and Baking of Cakes and Chapter - III - House Keeping deals with House Keeping Department, Floor Linen Room Practices and Procedures, Housekeeping – Control Desk, Cleaning Equipments and Standards, Public Area Cleaning, Budgeting, Other House Keeping Knowledge, First Aid, Linen and Uniform Room and Rooms and Floors Practices and Procedures


Hotel Management: A Source Book on Hotel Management for Community Colleges

Hotel Management also one the popular Course in the Community Colleges. The book contains four chapters such as Front Office Organisation, Food and Beverage, Food Processing and Financial Management. It is very much desired that the book is used as a resource book to provide comprehensive and quality orientation to the students who will take up jobs at the restaurants and hotels and also may set up their own establishments by way of self employment.


Fashion Design and Garment Making: A Source Book on Fashion Design and Garment Making for Community Colleges

Fashion Design is the art of application of design and aesthetics or natural beauty to clothing and accessories, it is influenced by cultural and social latitudes, and has varied over time and place. In Part I the first three units are dealing with the basic knowledge of garment making and the techniques that are needed. Unit 4, 5and 6 deals with actual garment making in minute details with diagrams. Part II deals with Embroidery Frames and Tools, Embroidery stitches, Traditional Embroidery, Fashion Design and Fashion Sketching, Fashion Collars with simple but explanatory diagrams are very much useful for the students to understand. After each unit there are questions for the learner which makes easy for them to prepare for the exams. This book is very much apt for the community college because the students who comes to our college are school dropouts, 10th and 12th failed ones and they can easily understand and learn the skills of Fashion Design and Garment Making.


Office Management: A Source Book on Office Management - General for Community Colleges

Understanding the importance of studying the subject “Office Management” now - a day's many Colleges introduce the subject; hence we made an attempt to write a book on ` Office Management' as a reference book by covering all the important topics such as Financial Accounting, Business English, Office Services, Medical Office Management, Legal office Management and Audit Office Management which are necessary to study the subject in its entirety.

Paper - I - Office Management and Procedures deals with Principles of Office Management, Office procedures, Planning, Human Relations – staffing, Decision Making, Communications, Secretarial skills, Assisting with meeting and conferences, Travel Arrangements and Office Finances

Paper – II - Financial Accounting deals with Introduction to Accounting, Basic accounting concepts and conversations, The accounting cycle – books and records, Trial balance, Rectification of errors, Final Accounts, Bank reconciliation statements, Depreciation Accounting, Fire Insurance Claims, Single Entry System and Accounts of Nonprofit organization.

Paper – III - Office Services deals with Concept and role of modern office and Office organization, Office Machines, Office supplies, Office furniture and equipments, Office Accommodation, Electronic Data Processing System, Banking, Insurance, Office Accounting Services and Analysis of Office Job

Paper – IV - Business English deals with Comprehensive study of English grammar, Correct usage, Idioms, phrases and clauses, Punctuations, Spelling rule, Vocabulary building, Analysis of sentences, Speeches, Figures of speech and Letter writing


Office Management - A Source Book on Office Management - Filed of Specialist for Community Colleges

This Book endeavours to create a bridge between the theory and practice of Office Management. The educational philosophy of this book is to present and illustrate the best office management practices in different settings such as Legal, Medical and Audit, so that the students can extend and apply this to his/her own context in which he/she is employed.

Paper - I - Legal office management deals with Legal Secretary, Legal Terminology, Office Procedures, Legal Transcription, Common Legal Words, Techniques of dealing with a client, Telephone and written communication, Maintenance of financial records in law office, General awareness of civil and penal codes, Legal Proceedings, Prepare a summons or a subpoena, Incorporation of Company and Protect the business ideas and assets

Paper – II - Medical Office Management deals with Introduction to Public Health, Medical Records Management, Medical Audits, Introductions to computer basics, Inventory control management and support utility services, Public relations and hospitals, Medical Terminology, Introductions to Human Resource Management in Hospitals, Time Management and Recruitments in Hospitals

Paper - III - Audit office management deals with Audit introduction, Types of Audit and Audit Programmes, Working papers, Internal Control, Inter Check and Internal Audit, Vouching, Verification of Assets and Liabilities, Audit Report and Certification of Corporate Governance, Audit of Depreciation, Auditing Waste Management and Auditor's objective - management's responsibilities - materiality considerations and performing an audit of internal control over financial reporting.







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