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Miracles of Hope - The Success Stories of the Students of Community Colleges (March, 2005)

“Miracles of Hope – The Success Stories of the Students of Community Colleges” is an illustration of the testimonies of the beneficiaries of the system. What unites them is their social, economic and educational backwardness and their ability and capacity to come out of the same through self – confidence and self –determination. What is refreshing about this new publication of MCRDCE is the direct contact with the beneficiaries and the faithfulness of the colleges in their commitment to the mission of empowering the poor through skills development leading to employment. The salary the students receive may not be very high. The very fact they have made an entry into the job market will take them forward. They will never look back. They are certainly the Miracles of Hope leading the way to other students to become like them. The whole book is an inspiring and telling one. The miracles have caused the necessary transformation. It is these Life Coping Skills have caused the necessary transformation. It is these Life Coping Skills that stand out in the world of job oriented and skill based education contrasting it with other system of Vocational Education in the country.


Tears into Cheers – Rebuilding lives after Tsunami through the Community Colleges (Sep, 2006)

Tsunami is tragedy of great magnitude which humanity has witnessed in recent years. It has left an indelible mark in the hearts and minds of people by its grave destruction of lives and property and causing a permanent psychological scar. The giant waves of Tsunami evoked mighty waves of compassion and concern for the suffering fellow human beings, thanks to so many NGOs, Churches and Service Minded organizations that responded from day of the tragedy.

Most of the interventions were giving a lot of relief to the Tsunami affected people. After a few months people began thinking about rehabilitation and rebuilding lives. In this great effort MCRDCE, with its Community Colleges, made a timely but a significant intervention of providing skills development training to the Tsunami affected young men and women.

Thanks to the 30 Community Colleges that have helped 933 students both men and women in 9 trades recognized by the Tamil Nadu Open University (TNOU).

This has given a lot of hope not only to those who have been trained but also to their families. We are recording in this book, the transformation from Tears in to Cheers.  


Change is Certain Success stories of Community College Students in India (March, 2009)

The ICRDCE undertook a research study of all the Community Colleges in India. One of the important aspects of the study was to solicit the success stories of individual students belonging to different trades. We received 657 testimonies from the Community Colleges. We have selected 300 belonging to 19 trades from colleges belonging to different parts of the country.

We have tried to keep the authentic narration of the beneficiaries intact. Some of the testimonies we have published in the local language itself to depict the transformation that has taken place in them. The present book: “Change is Certain” contains the testimonies as a sequel to our earlier books “Miracles of Hope” and “Tears into Cheers”.

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